Medical supplies

The last two years have changed our habits completely. The pandemic has had a huge impact on us and forced us to change in many ways. Things like masks and sanitizers which were used and seen rarely, have now become a daily necessity. It is now extremely essential to keep these basic medical supplies for safety purposes all of the time.

What we have ?

3M 3 Ply Masks
3M N-95 Masks
Savlon N-95 Masks
BPL Oximeter
Omron Thermometer
Abbott-Panbio Covid-19 Self Test Kit
My Lab Covid-19 Self Test Kit
Dr. Trust Thermometer
Honeywell N-95 masks
Savlon 3 ply masks
SafeShield N-95 Masks
Abbott ID Now Covid 19 Assay
BPL Thermometer
Dr. Trust Oximeter
Omron Oximeter
Medical Supplies- First Aid Kits
24x7 Ambulance Services
Romson 3 ply masks
Face shield
Venus-3 Ply Masks
SafeShield 3 ply Masks
Romson N-95 Masks
Honeywell 3 Ply Masks
SafeShield 3 ply Masks